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Roundup: Dumb Reason for Star Wars Fans to Hate 'Last Jedi'; Cole Hamels Did a Great Thing; & Sicario 2 Trailer is Great

With the success of Ten , Pearl Jam became a key member of the Seattle grunge explosion, along with Alice in Chains , Nirvana , and Soundgarden . The band was criticized in the music press; British music magazine NME said that Pearl Jam was "trying to steal money from young alternative kids' pockets." [25] Nirvana's Kurt Cobain angrily attacked Pearl Jam, claiming the band were commercial sellouts , [26] and argued Ten was not a true alternative album because it had so many prominent guitar leads. [19] Cobain later reconciled with Vedder, and they reportedly were on amicable terms before Cobain's death in 1994. [1]

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That evening, Ben McCormack joined Tracy Grimshaw live in the ACA studio to discuss his Robert Hughes scoop, tracking down the actor four years earlier in Singapore.

100mg of caffeine, close to the amount you’ll get in a cup of black coffee, has been proven to improve memory recall. Caffeine’s psychostimulatory effects are primarily because it blocks a receptor in your central nervous system that is responsible for binding a compound called adenosine. When you inhibit adenosine, you get increased activity of dopamine and glutamate, two feel-good, alertness-increasing brain-stimulating compounds.

Bringing Magic and Pelinka on board was the best thing the Lakers could have ever done. LeBron idolizes Magic. With Magic leading the Lakers, LeBron’s desire to come to LA to expand his entertainment and business endeavors along with his own personal brand (imagine jersey sales with LeBron’s name on a Laker uniform) has grown even deeper. LeBron has billionaire aspirations and Los Angeles is the place to do it.

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